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 This book was written while I was in a medative state and the messages were channeled to help humanity. You will feel every word of it; the positive and beautiful change will have an immediate  effect in your life. We were born from the explosion of God’s love; the all-embracing God who is Unconditional Love.

 The only constant in our lives is love, faith and change. The purpose of our lives is to experience love in all its manifestations; to become love ourselves. Faith is inherent in us; it permeates our entire being.

 Change is the essential element that leads us to our true self; our divine self, which ushers us to the light and the truth, and when our divine and human selves unite, miracles begin to happen. The miracle of life channels us onto the most beautiful journey here on earth and the most beautiful version of ourselves.


About the Author

My name is Margarita Ioannou. I am the founder  and owner of the teaching LIVING FROM THE HEART BY MARGARITA IOANNOU.

I was born in Cyprus, a beautiful island in the Mediterranean Sea. I am a spiritual and energy healer. I am a teacher of Angelic reiki and I help people to live from the heart through meditation, prayer and other therapy techniques. I am a clairvoyant and intuitive, I can read peoples’ aura
and energy so I can help them understand what they need to work on in order to be healed and live in harmony and at peace. I am a writer of two books, my latest one Hymn to God, The Unconditional Love. I have also created a seminar based on the book called Love, Light, Truth, Faith and Trust. Under my name, I sometimes use the words Sat Nam which means The Truth and YIN which means Feminine energy.

My Truth

Real existence is living from the heart where God exists, the Unconditional Love, from where we can be healed and become manifestors and creators of what we want in our lives. I can help you live the most beautiful journey on earth and be the most beautiful version of yourself on earth. My vision is to help make this place called earth a paradise on earth. I love to work with empaths and help them remember who they really are and not change themselves in order to fit in this fake world, as this has already been created up until now, but all together become a chain of love, light, truth, trust and faith and make waves of energy to spread the message of Unconditional Love, of the one and only God, the most beautiful energy that exists in the universe.

With our chain, His messages will be spread all around the world and instant changes will appear; because when you manifest from the heart, the manifestation time is zero, when your intentions are pure you will live in His grace. The energies that are coming now on earth are very powerful and they will help those people, who already have the light as part of their life, to quickly manifest what their soul wants for them. People, soul families, partners, are in a constant connection here on earth so they can spread the light quickly and be in peace with their lives.

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Contains predictions of the decade we are going through

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