So, what if you are angry, sad, feeling frustrated or tired? What if you just want to sit and just staring at the walls. So, what if you just want to sit on the couch and do nothing? So, what if negative thoughts come to your mind? So, what if your pessimism has taken over? So, what if you feel sad? So, what if you want to cry?

Let your emotions rise to the surface; they are healed in this way. Let your tears roll; this is therapeutic for the soul. Let the negative thoughts come; they are compasses to move on.

We are not machines with instructions for use. We are humans. We have feelings, we have mood swings, and we have both positive and negative thoughts, it is absolutely normal. We feel joy and sadness, we feel invulnerable and vulnerable, and we laugh and we weep.


Acceptance…love…light…truth…faith. We accept every current situation which we are in; we accept our feelings, our thoughts, our crying, our distress, our despair. We love ourselves, allow ourselves to express what we want, and healing comes faster. We are true to ourselves and with what we feel; we do not try to pretend that we don’t feel any of the above. Light … when everything comes to light it is healed.


Accept your human side and when the time is right your Divine side will again bring you into harmony after first getting rid of whatever hurt you.


When we experience negative emotions, that are usually accompanied by negative thoughts, the key to acceptance, love, light and truth is observation. We observe everything that happens inside us. This makes it easier to disconnect and heal. We become observers of the mind and the heart. When we realize that every feeling and every thought is a compass for which way to turn within us and hear what they have to tell us, automatically our healing begins.


It is a prerequisite that we work on ourselves so as to grow our self-love, our faith and trust in ourselves and God, or the energy of Unconditional love or the universe (each person’s personal choice). We know that our true existence consists of harmony, tranquility, love, light and truth. That is what drives us every second of our lives.


We should allow ourselves freedom to express ourselves. This way we are led to self-knowledge, self-discovery, and the knowledge of who we really are.

Every time we accept our earthly selves, every time we do not require perfection from ourselves but still love and respect ourselves, we are magically led to our true existence.

Love heals everything.


Love, Light and Truth


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