We are all energy. We all radiate the energy that we have inside us. We have the choice to choose which path to take every moment of our lives. If we want to transmit love, light, tranquility, then we will attract people who are on the same frequency as us. We connect with people who share the same frequency as us.

Surprisingly, with incredible synchronicities, people who choose light and love find each other and help each other. Whether as companions who live their love from the heart, or as partners who help each other, or even as friends who support each other. Whatever form they enter our lives, these people are simply blessings.

Energy vampires are people we attract into our lives who do not share the same energy as us. These people are attracted to the bright energy we radiate, and just want to extract all this bright energy from us. That is why many people feel drained and weak after spending time with them, and they can no longer afford to ‘feed’ these people. It dries up their body.

If, however, we insist on living in light and love, then these energy vampires will either leave our life quickly or very soon their souls will lead them inside themselves, choosing who they really want to be.

It is necessary for us to remain in our truth, in the path of the light we have chosen, in the path of love and light. If we let them lure us into ways that are incompatible with our truth, then the imbalance begins within us. We understand fully when someone close to us is a blessing or is just near us to make our path difficult.

When we feel that someone is simply extracting all our positive energy, we need to clearly speak our truth in a beautiful way and we should never expect another person to change for us. If a soul decides to change then it will change because it wants to. If a person is tired of living their same daily patterns, and wants to change, they will do so only because their soul has chosen to. Only then can they stay on the new path they have chosen.

That’s why we work on ourselves, giving ourselves love and light in order to change the situations around us. Whatever we want to come across in our lives it will. We change our energy in order to attract people who will remain in our lives and consider them a blessing. Whatever form of relationship we have with them, we will simply walk closer to our true existence, love, light and live according to the desires of our souls.