Sometimes I wonder what humanity would have been like if we were taught differently from the day we were born; if we were taught the concept of healthy self-love and not selfishness; if we were taught that no one is perfect and and that there is no need to seek perfection from ourselves or from other people. If we were taught to forgive ourselves and those around us, we would accept our human nature.

Imagine if we were taught that we are all one, we are all equal, that the planet belongs to all of us, and that all people deserve the same opportunities and have the same rights. We are all one but each one is free to decide which path he or she will take. Nobody belongs to anybody, not even the children to their parents. Through freedom, true love is born on all levels of life. Through respect and appreciation of others, true and meaningful relationships are born.

Imagine if we were taught that we are acts of love, light and truth, and that through the sacred space of our hearts, prayer and meditation can change our lives and have a positive impact on other people. A sincere prayer from our heart has the power, through positive energy sent, to change the course of a soul.

How different life would be, if we were taught to feel instead of think. How different life would be, if we knew that we’ve been given gifts to live our lives here on earth. Gifts such as intuition, insight, and direct communication with the Heavens. If we were taught that it is our birthright to have guidance, healing from Heaven, and that we are not alone. We are never alone; God dwells within us.

Imagine if we were taught about the God of Unconditional love who forgives everything, who was simply waiting for an invitation to manifest in our lives and be our guide, if we were taught that we are born from an explosion of God’s love; then, with humility, we would feel our importance and would like to live as truly and beautifully as possible in this journey called life.

Imagine if they taught us faith and trust in ourselves and God. If we were taught that if you give love to yourself, you will reward yourself multiple times because the love you give comes from the Unconditional Love of God.

Imagine if we were taught that we are creators together with God, that God wants us to live the most beautiful existence here on earth. “Ask and you shall receive”. With complete faith we will be given what we ask for or even better.

Imagine if we were taught that the planets, the stars, nature, the entire creation, offered us positive energy to purify our energy and move forward; only then would we respect the earth more.

Imagine how different our lives would be, if we were told that we could change the course of our lives in just one second and with just one statement … My God I give You everything … my fears … my wants … my life.

How different our lives would truly be, if they taught us that the only constant in our lives is love, faith and change.

We all have a different interpretation for the meaning of God.

Love, Light and Truth