I often hear people say that the world is not what it used to be, that true people don’t exist anymore. I hear that love and purity are no longer qualities that you can find in people, and that the pure and true people have disappeared.

I’m going to be honest with you. I myself have had these same thoughts on occasion, but each time that I’ve had these thoughts I made a conscious decision to choose to change the way that I see the world. It is human nature to be disappointed sometimes, but what is important in the end is which belief you hold within yourself as true.

I choose to believe that there are people out there who live and are guided by their heart; people who are pure from the heart, who in turn are also looking for pure and true people.

Earthly angels exist everywhere. Each time we choose to have positive intentions and faith in ourselves, we attract like-minded people.

Each time we choose to see the beauty in the world, we choose to see the beauty inside ourselves.

Each time someone shows us an ugly part of themselves, let us not create within us the conviction that this is the world we live in. We are all free to choose which path we will follow and which part of ourselves we will show to the world.

Don’t change your heart or beliefs for anybody. On the contrary, continue to spread your love, your truth, your light, your responsibility, and your honesty to those around you. Stay focused on who you are. Stay focused on love. Focus on sharing love, light and your truth.

The only thing you need is to protect yourself. Learn to have faith and trust in yourself and recognize that, when something inside you is telling you that a painful situation in your life is no longer serving you, you have to let it go. One of two things will then happen; either this situation will change for the better or you will just get rid of all the negative energy in your life.

You must keep working on yourself. Give yourself love, believe that you are worth everything beautiful that life has to offer, and have in your life people who love, respect and appreciate you. Leave the rest to God, to the universe or to the energy of Unconditional love to create the right synchronicities which will lead you on to more beautiful paths.

Whatever is true will find its way back to you, whatever needs to leave from your life will do so. When we choose the path of your heart, the path of love, the path of light, faith and trust, we attract people with the same energy as us. Whatever does not pulsate with the energy we exude eventually leaves us.

Every time someone hurts you, give love to yourself. Every time someone does not appreciate you, show yourself appreciation. Each time someone shows you disrespect, show respect to yourself. By doing this you are giving yourself what you are searching for in other people, and most importantly you are giving yourself what you deserve – and not relying on other people. Become the energy you want to attract into your life.

There are many people who do the same thing, who are conscious, who work with themselves, who work with the heart and who are looking for true, not seemingly perfect, people.