Our negative thoughts come from the human part of us and are not our true existence. They come from any person we have met from the day we were born up until today. They come from what our parents told us, our extended family, our teachers, our friends, our partners. Negative thoughts come from people we have briefly encountered, through platonic conversations or even through simple looks from strangers.

Fears, insecurities, and negative thoughts of ourselves were inherited from the people around us. It is their perception of who we are. They are their own limitations. Every person who passed through our lives was showing us a path and we were deciding which path to follow.

Imagine a 3-year-old child. Imagine how much love that child feels, how real it is, how much light they illuminate, how much curiosity that child has for life, to learn, how much joy they feel, how honest that child is.  Love, light, truth, joy, trust, faith, harmony, pure eyes, and beautiful positive energy. This part is our Divine part; it comes from God Himself, from Unconditional love as Christ taught it to us. This is our true existence.

What is needed is to recognize our human part as part of our being, for which we have no responsibility over how it was created, but instead have a responsibility to love it, recognize it, give it light and truth, love and acceptance, forgiveness and stay true to what we want to be, in what we choose to be.

The disharmony within us comes from fighting this part because deep-down we know this is not who we are. We fight our fears, we fight our insecurities, we fight our guilt, our regrets, and we do not allow ourselves to live the way we really want and choose to.

When, however, we turn to Unconditional love, our Divine part, and send our love and light to that part, then that part begins to change, transform, brings harmony within us,  and the peace within us dominates because then it means that we remain true to our own truth, to our true self.

Love, light, faith, truth and trust cure everything and bring positive changes and harmony into our lives.